Dr. Wolfgang Riha
A-1010 Vienna, Wipplingerstrasse 3
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Law Firm Dr. Wolfgang Riha

"The best outcome can only be guaranteed with reliable and reputable legal advice!”

I founded my law firm in 1989 and its continued prosperity is solely due to the sustained success of my clients, who mainly work in the commercial / entrepreneurial sector. As a lawyer, I have been representing these clients’ interests both successfully and reliably for many years. The growth of my law firm can be attributed exclusively to recommendations made by past/current clients, my personal dedication and commitment to my clients and direct contact with my clients.

Reliable legal advice comprises:

  • Specialising
  • Recognising your own limits
  • Considering financial / economic aspects
  • Financial independence
  • Identifying /feeling solidarity and sympathising with the outcomes and requirements of the client
  • Offering complete and total discretion
  • Providing a fair and flexible fee-paying structure